Social Review

DSC has identified a number of stakeholder sectors and works to engage with them:


Food and education

As a company with a passion for food, particularly food which focuses on fresh, seasonal and local ingredients, we feel it is our responsibility to reach out to young people and teach them how to use these ingredients to make nutritious, value for money meals – and to make it fun. We also aim to promote catering as a career option.

We have worked with a local school, Fakenham High School, we teach the children how to prepare simple meals and explain how it works behind the scenes at a busy catering business.

We have a programme of in-house training in conjunction with Norwich City College.

Future plans include a blog which will highlight best practice in the catering industry and focus on how catering companies can work with locally sourced, seasonal ingredients.

Local Charities

We wanted to support small local charities which don’t have a high profile and struggle to fulfil their funding needs:

West Norfolk Befrienders we have been working with them for many years and in 2018 we started our joint campaign, Don’t Eat Alone, to try and encourage people who are still mobile and active to come and meet people in a similar situation to make new friends


Our contact details are available on all literature and on our website should any member of the public wish to get in touch. We aim to respond to any queries/complaints within fourteen days.


We aim to work with employees to develop their skills, to make them feel of value to the company and to feel supported by the management team.

We actively support employees who wish to gain NVQ qualifications and have a programme of in-house training and regular staff evaluations.

We actively encourage staff to give feedback on:

Performance of management
Suggestions as to improvements


We see our suppliers as key partners in our business and will continue to develop our relationships with them to benefit them and us.