A breath of spring air

To me, spring has always felt like a real breath of fresh air after the cold winter. And since this winter has been particularly difficult with the lockdown, I really want to make the most of and celebrate the arrival of spring this year! And I wanted to do this in the best way i know how… with food! 

Spring flavours, a lot like spring itself, always offer a moment of refreshing excitement for me which really boosts creativity when it comes to the kitchen. Springtime is perfect for enjoying all of the new ingredients that are now in season and to freshen up your taste buds. 

My favorite spring flavour at the moment (although it’s quite a tricky decision to choose just one!) is rhubarb, which is why I am thrilled that we are currently stocking our Rhubarb and Ginger Jam. This jam truly captures the zing of spring, combining the tart taste of rhubarb with the warmth of ginger. It really is the perfect preserve to spread on your toast to start the day when you wake up to the morning sun. It also adds a burst of brightness to an afternoon tea and would go wonderfully with some freshly baked scones and a warm cup of tea! 

With the weather steadily getting a bit brighter and the days slowly getting longer, we also love taking long walks through the Norfolk countryside. This time of year truly makes us appreciate where we live. And what’s even better than a long walk is coming home after, wrapping up with a cup of tea (because whilst it may be sunny, it’s definitely not hot!) and enjoying a cookie to refuel! Our Lemon and Sultana Cookies are our top pick at the moment as, like the jam, they really freshen up our palate! 

What’s your favourite part about spring? Make sure to tag us in your post on social media to let us know!